21 - 23 JUNE 2024

Hoist the sails, backyard warriors! The ultimate sonic storm is approaching, and yer chance to ride the thunder is now. Don’t be left ashore yearning for the riff-fueled mayhem. Grab those tickets and join the legion of the fierce.

Our Story

An idea was born

The ‘Backyard Skull Festival’ was founded in 2022. The idea for this festival was shaped during the COVID-19 pandemic as private gatherings were allowed again but public events were still restricted. The goal was to create an immersive festival event as close to a real festival as possible for family and friends.


A glance into the past


Our Live-Bands

Innovative, powerful, dynamic

NIOR’s “Misfit” explores societal disillusion, echoing the sentiment “People smile, but aren’t happy.” Diverging to “Nu Metalcore,” influenced by early 2000s bands, they’ve seen success with their single “Paranoia.” Produced by David Beule and mastered by Aljoscha Sieg, the album delves into themes of outsider life and discontent. #spreadthesmile

Brutal Alternative-Metal

Onyx, a multifaceted mineral, is reflected in the music of a Bonn-based combo. Raw metal sound merges with the Nu-Metal groove of the 00s. German lyrics tackle inner conflicts and criticism. Their live shows offer liberation from everyday life, akin to Korn, Papa Roach, Rage Against the Machine, and German bands like Fjørt, Heisskalt, or Kind Kaputt.

The Indie-Disco-Wave-Punk cocktail

For 17 years, How To Loot Brazil has been an indie powerhouse, blending punk, indie rock, and 80s dance. Praised by OX and VISIONS, they boast 9 albums, 1 EP, and a DIY ethos. Their track “Errror” was sampled in Kodak Black’s US-platinum hit “Super Gremlin.” With catchy melodies and pop hooks, they self-release music via Look! Mum! No Hit!, demonstrating creative genius and dedication.


Since 2008, Tyranuke has blended classic and modern metal styles, showcasing skill and passion. Their music embodies creativity and friendship, aiming to fuse intensity with classic elements. With dynamic live shows and winning the Subkult Bandkontest, they’ve gained acclaim. In 2023, Tyranuke celebrated 15 years in the metal scene.

The alternative explosion

Established in 2010, SOLEDOWN has built a remarkable legacy. Albums like “MMX” and “MUDBOX” garnered praise from both critics and fans. Their electrifying performances, supporting acts like Filter and Pro-Pain, showcase their stage mastery. Their music transcends boundaries, offering a captivating experience for all.

Full of Energy and EmotionS

Formed in Cologne in 2018, Light The Blind melds influences from Bring Me The Horizon and Linkin Park into a dynamic sound. With their latest single “Abyss,” they showcase a blend of metal, pop-rock, and emotive vocals. Members Tim Haarhoff, Nic Querbach, Fabian Raats, Marco Frensch, and Alex Kern aim to inspire globally. Their music, a journey of varied sounds, invites fans to join their evolving story.

Pop-Punk is not dead

MARY IN VERTIGO from Mülheim an der Ruhr stands for heartfelt Pop Punk. Developed from a solo artist, MARY has been building her live band since 2024. With successful singles and EPs as well as a diverse repertoire of ballads and anthems, she is conquering the music scene.

The perfect Rocktail

Winners of the German Rock & Pop Prize 2022 in three categories. Formed in June 2022, the band blends heavy, epic tunes with influences from Mastodon, System of a Down, and the Foo Fighters. Their boundary-defying music has garnered global acclaim.

Everyday is different

Masochine, the alter ego of André from Aachen, has been captivating audiences with his Industrial Live Ambient Music since 2018. Each unique performance sees André crafting soundscapes live, ensuring no two shows are the same. Rooted in the goth scene, his music revives past memories and offers a creative glimpse into the art of electronic sound creation.


Mike Misfit, former punk band frontman, has captivated audiences as a solo artist since 2017. His raw, emotional songs blend heartache, tragedy, comedy, and hope, reflecting his punk roots. Performing across Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands, Mike’s gritty guitar work and poignant lyrics offer a unique musical experience.

And More Artists

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